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Wingnut AR Unreal Engine Demo on iOS | WWDC 2017

Apple announces AR for iOS at WWDC 2017, with Peter Jackson’s Wingut AR revealing their demo that brings ARKit support to Unreal Engine developers now. Wingnut’s Alasdair Coull and Dan Smith showcase an AR experience on a desolate world, featuring an airship battle which takes place over a remote outpost. The experience was displayed on a table using Apple’s ARKit and Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. Get started with Unreal at



AroundAR - Augmented Reality Development


We develop Augmented Reality content using the best possible technology. We are proud to use all of its technology in the service we provide to our clients. Augmented reality is not just taking off in the world of marketing, but we feel that it is set to bring about a revolution in science publications and […]